Skydive for Charity

Do something spectacular and jump for charity! Raise funds for a worthy cause and fulfill a lifetime ambition.

If you book direct with us your charity will receive a larger proportion of the sponsor money than if you booked through a third party agent.

How it works

Jump for Free

Choose one of our participating charities and raise a minimum of £415 in sponsorship, then you can use a portion of the funds to pay towards your skydive.

  • £50.00 non-refundable deposit to book (you can claim this back through sponsor money).
  • £200.00 balance to Skydive Northwest on the day of the skydive (in cash or card, taken from the sponsor money)
  • £165.00 minimum you pay to the chosen charity.

Self Fund Method

  • Choose either a Tandem Skydive or Solo Jump.  This must be paid out of your own money. No sponsorship money can be used for this jump.
  • ALL money you raise, excluding the cost of the Skydive, goes to your charity (there is no minimum required with this method). The balance of the Skydive is payable on the day.

Charities understand that not everyone can afford the “self fund method” but even if you use a portion of your own money towards the cost of the jump; it will help more go to the charity.

What’s next…

Well, first things first, you need to choose your charity. You can either select from our list of worthy causes or choose one of your own. Simply click on the ‘choose your charity’ button.

Once you have paid your deposit you will receive a starter pack via email and you can get started!

Choose a Charity