What does freefall feel like?

Most skydivers liken the sensation of freefall to how they imagine flying or floating on a cushion of air. There is no sensation of “falling” as most people imagine and there is no “roller-coaster” sensation!

It feels how you might imagine flying to feel. It is however quite noisy and naturally very windy as the air comes past you at great speed. Freefall is a really magical feeling that most people enjoy immensely and many people find highly addictive. Ever seen Superman flying across the sky in the movies? Well, freefall is probably the closest you are going to get.

Try putting your arm out of a car window and feeling the sensation of your arm being held by the wind, your whole body will feel like that in the air.

The average skydive from 14,000 feet gives you about 65 seconds of freefall!