Once I am a qualified skydiver what next?

There is always something new to learn in skydiving. Amongst many other things your AFF course will teach you to fall “face to earth” in a stable position and perform turns (rotating your body), but you can refine these skills to enable to to fly very close to other skydivers, around them, towards them, over them and under them – with phenomenal control and precision! There are hundreds of freefall disciplines to develop and wide range of canopy skills to learn and refine.

Many skydivers with thousands of skydives will say there’s still lots of new “stuff” for them to learn and this, in part is why skydiving is such an addictive amazing sport.

The best in the sport often choose to compete in their chosen discipline against other at any of the hundreds of events around the world each year. Once you have become a fully fledged licensed skydiver and have gone on to buy your own equipment you can skydive in the UK for around £20 a jump.