Cash for Kids

The minimum age is 16. Anyone under 18 must have parental consent. There is no upper age limit for Tandem Skydives.

The maximum weight is 15 stone and a person must be reasonably fit for their weight.

People who have suffered from any of the medical conditions listed on Form 115A must be certified as fit to skydive and have Form 115B signed by their GP.

Cash for Kids is the official charity of Rock FM and provides a helping hand to disabled and disadvantaged children across Lancashire. Each year we hope to have thousands of pounds available for grants to children’s charities, individuals and many other causes throughout the Rock FM transmission area.All the money is raised locally and spent locally and goes to help children and young people under 18 throughout the region, with mental, physical or sensory disabilities, with behavioral or psychological disorders, living in poverty or situations of deprivation, suffering through distress, abuse or neglect. Thank you for reading about us, we’d love for you to support us through your skydive!