Is skydiving scary?

The more you skydive the less scary it becomes and in fact after a few jumps what started off as fear, will probably become nervous apprehension and then nervous excitement! There is no doubt that some people find learning to skydive stressful. In fact most people, especially on their first few jumps find that they are scared to some extent and this is completely and absolutely normal.

However, most students find that their fears quickly subside after a few jumps and that instead of being scary – it becomes exciting, addictive and appealing on many different levels. With skydiving the old saying ‘there is nothing to fear but fear itself’ has some merit. The fact is people wouldn’t continue to skydive and take it up as their main pastime and hobby if it was that scary.

It’s perfectly normal to feel apprehensive about skydiving even if you are considering learning. You will almost certainly have not been exposed to anything like it in your life and like anything completely new, the idea will of course feel strange.

It’s normal to be scared or to have apprehension of something so completely alien to you, but don’t worry, you will probably get used to skydiving very quickly! Many people become so used to skydiving that leaving the plane feels completely normal to them. If you feel nervous, practically everyone you speak to in skydiving will know what you’re going through and sympathise with you.