How much does skydiving cost?

Tandem and solo skydive prices in the UK, plus payment options and things to consider when booking.

Tandem skydive prices

A tandem skydive is the safest and most popular choice for first time skydivers.

Tandem skydive from 15,000 ft

Tandem skydiving from up to 15,000ft generally costs £250 – £350 (weekend/bank holiday/peak days). Some centres operate during the week and offer lower prices on quieter weekdays or at specific times on certain days. Purchasing through an agent or third party booking service usually costs more than booking direct.

Skydive Northwest operates on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays with one straightforward price:

Tandem Skydiving Experience
£270 inc. VAT or just £70 deposit today

A 15,000ft skydive is often referred to as “highest”, “full” or “ultimate” skydive experience.

Basic parachute jump from lower altitudes

Some locations offer basic jumps from up to 7,000ft or 10,000ft. This gives a shorter experience, with much less time freefalling before the parachute opens. These basic jump options are usually between 10% and 35% cheaper than the full tandem skydive at a given location.

Skydive Northwest purely provide full tandem skydives (up to 15,000ft), giving everyone the best possible experience based on the conditions. No discounted, lesser options or confusing packages – just one Tandem Skydive.

Other price considerations

As well as the actual skydive price, there’s also payment options and additional service costs to consider.

Deposit option

Deposit amounts range from £50 to £100 at different skydive centres. Some sites require full payment upfront or take booking deposits but require the final payment before the skydive date.

When you book direct at Skydive Northwest, you can pay just £70 deposit, with the balance payable on the day.

Video and photos

Due to British Skydiving regulations, Go-Pro cameras and wearable recording devices are not permitted. If you want to capture your skydive, costs for video/picture packages vary by airfield. Some operators charge up to £150 or £180+ for camera packages.

At Skydive Northwest, a professional camera flyer can film your whole skydive experience for £95, payable on the day.

Solo skydiving costs

Learn to fly and land your own parachute and become a qualified skydiver.

Learning to solo skydive

A static line training course generally costs £200 – £270. Agents and third party booking services are usually at the upper end of the price range.

Skydive Northwest ‘static line’ course price:

Solo Jump Course
£230 inc. VAT or just £70 deposit and the balance on the day

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course prices vary by level, airfield and number of skydives, with the full course costing from £1,400 – £1,800.

Progression in the sport

Once you are a qualified skydiver – that is you have completed training and done your compulsory consolidation jumps to get your Cat 8 certificate (“A licence”) – you can skydive at a number of dropzones in the UK. Flight tickets cost around £23-£30, if you have your own parachute equipment.

If you don’t have your own equipment, you can rent everything you need for each jump. Most new skydivers buy used equipment from experienced skydivers with changing needs due to a gain in experience. Skydiving is certainly not a cheap hobby, but it’s not extremely expensive either.

You will need to maintain membership of British Skydiving (the British Parachute Association, “BPA”) each year at £114.61 per annum or the current prevailing membership price.