How much does skydiving cost?

Once you are a qualified skydiver – that is you have completed your AFF course and done your compulsory 10 consolidation jumps to get your Cat 8 certificate (“A licence”) you can skydive at a number of dropzones in the UK for around £20 a jump if you have your own parachute equipment.

If you do not have your own equipment you can rent everything you need for around £10 a jump. Most new skydivers buy used equipment from other more experienced skydiver who’s needs within the sport have changed with a gain in their experience.

A quality complete used “rig” (this is the term generally a parachute pack – a harness, container, main and reserve parachutes) suitable for a new skydiver can be bought for about £1500 – additionally you will need an altimeter and helmet, both these could be bought used for less than £100. It’s certainly not a cheap hobby, but it’s certainly not expensive either.

Once you have all the right gear you can make a skydive for just £18! You will need to maintain membership of the British Parachute Association (“BPA”) each year for £118.60 per annum or the current prevailing membership price. Unless otherwise stated all our AFF course prices include first year membership of the BPA.